Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A story

"Mom wants to know if you are almost ready?" yelled my sister as she ran into my room. "Ugh go away Angi! I am doing my make-up!" I told her. "Ooooh You are gonna be in trouble!!!! MOM JUNE ISN'T READY YET!!!!! SHE IS PUTTING ON HER MAKE-UP!" shouted my 14 year old trouble making sister. "June, we have to go sweety." said my mother as she leaned against the frame of my door. "Ok mom. Hey can you help me put in my earrings?" "Of course June. Gosh, I just can't believe how much you've grown." "Mom don't worry. I will always be with you. Chill out and don't you dare start crying" "Ok ok.... Just remember that you will ALWAYS be my little girl." "Of course mommy!" "Now we have to go downstairs. You're father is waiting for you with the limo driver." And so my mother and I walked down the spiraling stair case with my little sister
behind me holding her basket of flowers and the last words I remember from that moment came from my dad who said, "Honey you look beautiful." 

[an original short story by (me) Lily Garay - copyright 2012]

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