Monday, December 3, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial - Nail Time!

Manicures can be so expensive! And a lot of the time, not even worth it.
Here's an easy, modern, and inexpensive manicure that you can do right on your kitchen table!

Step 1. Grab two colors that contrast e/o. I chose a pearly color and black. 
{Feel free to use any color combination} 
Also get a dotter tool or brush with 
small tip {I used an old liquid 
eyeliner brush}

Step 2. Start with clean nails.
 If you like to do a clear base coat
 then go ahead.

Step 3. Paint your main color

Step 4. After your main color has dried,
 get your dotter tool and dip it
 (or take it off your nail brush)
 in the contrasting color (for me it was black)

Step 5. Paint dots on the bottom of your nails and let dry!


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Jessica Jane said...

Super cute girl! My needs some help asap lol

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