Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I guess you could say I dabble in graphic design.
I really enjoy it. 
Would not pursue it as a career, 
but doing it for other people and for myself,
that's quite enjoyable:)

Yes, I design my own blog, and yes, it needs to be revamped.
But it's a learning process!! 

Today I saw something from one of the pages I like.
It said: Does anyone want to make a cover photo?

Since I already finished my schoolwork (hashtag homeschool probs;)
I decided, why not. 
So I left a comment saying that I would try even though
I already saw another person said yes.

While I was making it, keep in mind i was doing this just for fun,
the lady who owns the shop said that she'd send me a bow if she liked my cover!
(she loves it;)

Here's how I made it:

First I went to her facebook pictures and picked, what I deemed, the
prettiest bow I saw.
go buy it here: via

Then I opened up photoshop.

I've been playing around with chevron,
so I picked this background:

I immediately knew that I wanted to use
a font called: horseshoes 

I found her "slogan"....
put the image into the dimensions of a cover photo,
and started working.

I came up with this:

It's the same bow, but I played with the hues and changed the two on the
sides. But i didn't want the ugly gray or
the lines that you see from one bow to the next.

So I went to picmonkey.com
played around with exposure, cross process, and "stickers"
and here is what I finished with.

Isn't it just so STINKIN' CUTE?!?


Go visit the shop here:


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klusk said...

I love it! Thanks so much!

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