Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Made fun of for dressing "old"?

it hurts.
when someone tells me 
i dress like an old person.
i know i shouldn't let it.
but it stings.

honestly, i dress the way i do
because it's comfortable.
it's also what I can afford.
which is not to say you can get some
very cuuuute things on clearance.

(just for fun)

(day after I had 3 gigs)

(instead of wearing pjs to school)

(the day after my CD release)

we all have different taste
and we all have different style.
so why do I feel like crying?

all my life
I've been told by
the people close and more distant to me,
that I dress like an old person.

it makes me feel
self conscious 
like a mess.

some days it effects me 
more than others.

and I know that
other people's opinions
aren't supposed to matter,
but let's be real.

you want people to 
compliment you. 
it feels great.
and if you don't
like something,
it's better not to say 
anything at all.
or to give an obvious body check,
and then keep speaking.

do you know how 
insignificant you can make
people feel?
by you actions, what you say, your body language.

so be careful.
and if you have moments
like these, remember this


and read up Aunie's post.
she posted it today.
and i don't think
that it was a coincidence. 


1 comment:

Katie Wilkes said...

people need to keep their mouths shut sometimes! I think you have a great sense of style. keep it up! :)

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