Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fashionista Friday!

I saw this on pinterest

And oh how I've wanted a big ol' watch.
But they are expensive.
Like this one from Michael Kors
Michael Kors Men's Oversized Watch

or these

Big watches <3
All from Michael Kors! (image source unknown)

How disheartening :(

$250 buckaroos...for a watch...
No doubt that they are worth it, 
but at the moment, 
I can't just spend that kind of money 
on "frivolous" items. 
Especially with a car, license, insurance, phone, etc
all on the way with my 16th birthday.
And no way am I going to spend all of my hard earned money.

But you see, God is awesome. He knows everything I want.
Like last year for my quinceƱera, I wanted a limo.
But I said nothing. I knew it would be expensive
and that we just couldn't afford it at the moment.
But someone rented one for me as a gift.
And someone bought me a beautiful tiered cake.
And I knew that eventually I'd get a beautiful watch.

Today was that day my friend. 

And you won't believe how much it cost. 

(yes, this is my arm and bangles and watch)

In my opinion it's prettier than the Michael Kors watches,
it's in the copper tone that I absolutely adore,
and it was about... $245 cheaper (on sale) than the one
from Kors.

I also got one in silver:)


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