Wednesday, November 14, 2012

3 of my favorite go-to outfits

#1 It's a dress in the front and shorts in the back and
it's all one piece. I really like this piece. My friend gave it to me!
Then I add some knee high boots and voila. INSTANT outfit. with just two pieces. 

#2 Sweater dress & boots. The plus with this outfit is that 
all I have to do is slip it on and put on some boots and it's 
really warm!!! :)

#3 For the days I just want to sleep.
Instead of going out in pjs, just put on a long sleeve shirt, a cut-off sweater, 
some jeans, and loafers:) I could've slept in this outfit, but it was still really cute.



Katie said...

you are so cute! i love them all - the first is my favorite!

Elisha said...

So cute! I want your wardrobe!!

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