Monday, October 8, 2012

The Wedding Date

Day 28
Favorite Movie. Ever.
This is a hard subject for me, so I decided to ask for
a little extra help from my twitter/blogger buddy Cait:)

Hey everyone! My name is Cait and I blog over at Fierce Fabulous and Fit :) My blog is mainly about being a newlywed (3 months now), my fitness routines, my family and friends and of course just the crazy things that happen in my life!
I couldn't wait to help out Lily who asked me to write about my favorite movie to share with you all. Clearly it was a no brainer for me!
I've adored The Wedding Date since I saw 7 years ago. I honestly could watch this movie every single day and never get tired of it. Seriously?! YOU BET (and I almost did my senior year of college ha) So here is why I love this movie!

Debra Messing. I just fell in love with her while watching Will and Grace so naturally I couldn't help but love her character in this film. Her personality, OCD quirkiness and reserved comments made me even think of myself! I tend to be a little neat freak at times, like control but thankfully haven't been stood up by an ex.

The Setting. Anything to do with London clearly has my vote! I loved the locations of where they filmed their house, the wedding itself and the bachelorette parties!! When I was able to travel to London last year with my sister I made sure to try and find some of the locations they used in the movie. Weird? I guess so :)

TJ. Is there not a more funnier character in a movie? Honestly her one liners are used in my daily vocabulary. For instance when I have a good night I say "THAT WAS A TOP NIGHT!" Yup. You can judge me. It's cool.

The Plot. Sure its a cheesy romantic comedy but who doesn't love a feel good movie like this? Honestly it always lifted my spirits when watching two adorable people come together in a way that melts my heart. And on that note..
Dermot Mulroney. Need I say more?

So there you have it friends! My favorite movie :) How about you?
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Lyndsay Dennis said...

I love that movie too! I have always beena debra messing fan, I am now a follower and would love if you'd check my blog out too. Thanks :)

Lyndsay @

Gillian @ Money After Graduation said...

I love that movie ! And Debra Messing is great. Perfect choice! I honestly don't think I could choose a favourite movie, but I think that Forrest Gump and The Goonies are definitely up there. Love those nostalgic movies. The Wizard of Oz is another one I have loved for forever.

Katie said...

i love that movie too! romantic comedies - those are my favorite!

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