Monday, October 22, 2012

Homecoming, the embarrassing spirit week, dresses, pictures, sisters, friends, working out, and of course: no sleep

The week was all scrambled. So my story will start from
last Monday.

Homecoming Spirit Week.
Monday = Class Color Day
Freshies: Red
Sophs: White
Juniors: blue
Seniors: black

Generation day.
Freshies: babies
Sophs: college kids
Juniors: toddlers
Seniors: the old people

Later that night there was a class powder puff game. 
Sophomores won.
My friend Britney was the quarter back on the Senior team and
she did excellently, so we went to a restaurant to 

Patriot day.

Oh and a pep rally.

Later that night I went to my old homeschool co-op's homecoming dance.

Then on Saturday I went to my Highschool's homecoming, but my friend has the pictures
so I'll post those later.

Oh and on Saturday I did 80 pushups at the gym ;) 
But only because I lost a bet -_-
and now my arms are supa sore. 

Goodnight everyone.... lol


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Katie said...

what fun pictures! and I love your homecoming dress - beautiful!!

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