Wednesday, October 3, 2012

And there's that...

So yesterday I was in bed sick all day.
Obviously I couldn't write a post in bed with my iphone.
Ok technically I could, but I didn't.
So I'll be doing yesterday and today right now:)

Day 22
Bullet your day
Orange juice, bed, netflix.
Need I say more?

Day 23
20 facts about you
1. I really really really like chocolate
2. I only like to use the word love when I'm talking about God or people.
3. I'm a Pastor's Kid
5. I really enjoy being the spotlight. Which probably explains my passion for performing:P
6. I have a hair obsession o.O I'm always playing with my hair!
7 .I have two siblings
8. I have a grandpa who is a cancer survivor
9. I've lost about 33ish lbs since last summer
10. Writing is something I do for fun
11. I'm going to be turning 16 in December! 
12. Noses. I've always liked noses
13. One of my favorite comfort foods has to be Mac & Cheese... yummm
(oh and pizza)
14. One of my favorite colors is pink!
15. Working out is something I like to do. 
If I could, I'd do it every single day!
16. Since I'm homeschooled, I skipped a grade and am currently in 11th grade.
17. I have my learner's permit and will be getting my license in March!
18. I am Hispanic
19. Spring is my favorite season
20. Once of my favorite sayings (actually taped to my mirror!)
"What are you doing to get to your goals?"

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