Friday, September 7, 2012

Fitness Friday

This is my "hehehe (I'm hiding something)" face....

ok so let me just be straight up with you.

I worked out this week. Once. BUT my diet is getting much better.

If you remember from last week I wrote about not having a good diet.

it's still not the best, but it's getting there. and I'm drinking LOTS of water!

Fortunately, my dad came back from his trip (which  is kinda why I haven't gone to the gym. he is sorta my ride there) we went to the gym on Wednesday after school and he talked to one of the personal trainers and 
I have my first "evaluation" on Monday. Because "my" original trainer had to go back to college :( boo.
And his dad ("my" other trainer) travels for his job and stuff. so yeah. I'm excited about what this week
has to bring me:) But for now, I'm looking forward to the weekend.... OH WAIT!!! shoot I forgot! 
I have like a ton of homework.
 never mind

Hope you have a good weekend:)

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