Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fitness Friday

So since I never got the chance to write it yesterday and I don't want to make Fitness Friday a scheduled post, I'm posting today.

I feel like Fitness Friday has become a sort of '"on my heart" post about my fitness :) I'm good with that.

I've worked out oonce since last Friday. I've had to wrap my knees everyday. I've had to ice them. They hurt. And some days are worse than others. Mentally I don't want to handle this. I want to run. But I can't. This is the first time I can't do what I really want.

I feel like a slob. And the one thing I can control is my attitude and nutrition. Nutrition has been really bad, but my attitude has been great. At first it wasn't, but I've only cried twice about it. Thankfully I talked to someone about it and they told me to move on. To workout my ABS. So this week will my ABS and nutrition will be my focus.

Please keep praying for me. It's definitely not easy being in this situation. Love you all<3


Katie said...

so sorry about your knees! I actually haven't been able to run the last two weeks so I understand it! I do have to say that I know nutrition is such a big part of it - the exercise is easy for me to be disciplined - it's the eating healthier that is harder. So keep working on that part!!

commercial gym equipment said...

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