Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 9 & Once a week Chic;)

Hello everyone!
 So I'm supposed to tell show you the last thing 
I purchased.... haha.... don't know if I want to tell you... 
But here it is: 

I don't regret it. At all. It was amazing. and all smooooothy and sillllkkkkyyy...
Can someone say soft spot? 
If you want to make my day, give me one:D
I'll give you the biggest hug. ever. sighhhhhhhhhh ugh I wish I
had my license so I could go get one right now....... 

Speaking of buying things, There is this really awesome website called: Once a week chic.

Once A Week Chic: Shop this week's look now

They provide you wish the latest styles and show you what you should get that week. 
Tempting. I know. But you don't have to buy everything!! Just get an item here and there to build up your wardrobe if that's what you want. I find that having key pieces is essential to fashion. 

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