Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day {3} 30 day blog challenge

Today's challenge was to write about your favorite store. Ladies, you can see why this would be considered a challenge. Right? I have to say that I have a 4 way tie. It's Target, Kohl's, Forever 21, Delias. Typical.

Here are some of my current "Cloth Crushes" from each store.

Forever 21

Mossimo Supply Co. Corduroy Pant.Opens in a new window

This isn't actually my favorite, but I like the old spin on a new cut:)
Candie's Houndstooth Cutout Fit 'n' Flare Dress

For homecoming:)


And that's that! What are your favorite stores?

 Missed my post on the start of my 30-day-blog-challenge? Go here:

1 comment:

Tori Baldridge said...

That dress would be so cute on you for homecoming!! What a fun 30 day challenge xoxo

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