Saturday, September 29, 2012

CD Cover!!!

Today's Challenge... Another picture of yourself. PERFECT! 
Because there's something I wanna show you guys. 
The official cover for my CD 

Wanna know a few secrets about this? 
My sister took this in the woods in my backyard where I used to play ALL THE TIME!
See the really big log right behind my hips?
We used to play fear factor on that very log:)

Also, I did all the editing! lol. Hope it looks ok:/ Tell me what you think.

Happy Saturday! Here's to day 19!!!

Oh and you only have 5 hours left to enter our giveaway!!

Missed my post on the start of my 30-day-blog-challenge? Go here: Day 1


Janette said...

Woo hoo Lily! This looks so legit! Loooove love love that picture of you! Looks perfect!


Elisha said...

Looks so good!

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