Thursday, August 30, 2012

People like Lily {Guest post from Miss (soon to be Mrs.) Aunie- Queen of sauce}

Dear lovely followers, I am honored to have a post from the dear Miss (soon to be Mrs;) Annelise Driftlot.
AKA The Queen of sauce - She has taken the time to write a post for you all and honestly I'm very humbled and touched right now. I didn't tell Aunie what to specifically write on, so reading this post just makes me want to cry a little bit. I would appreciate if you would take the time to please leave her a little comment love on her own blog. Without further ado, Aunie, I turn this blog over to you.

Hello Lily lovers
My name is Annelise and I blog over at the little blog called Aunie Sauce.
I'm the girl who is "not." 
NOT a mom. NOT a graphic designer. NOT a gourmet cook. 
So, what am I? 
A 20-something swanky Idahoan who blogs about
Let's just say, Aunie Sauce is NOT your average blog.

As I mentioned above, I often blog about what's on my heart.
Lately, what's been on my heart is the amazing support from the blogging community.
You see it everyday with Miss Lily.
She has been a huge supporter of mine for the last few months.
To be honest, it's a wonderful friendship that she and I have.

My birthday was this last Monday, and in my inbox, I found a virtual birthday card from Lily.
She sang me Happy Birthday.
No one has ever done anything like that for me before.
I think that shows you how much love she has for others.

Through it all, the support and love of other bloggers is so astounding.
I'm thankful for it everyday.

The simple emails that come to my inbox just wanting to say hi,
asking for a piece of advice,
or just sharing a beautiful thought...
I am always so appreciative of each of them.

What keeps me blogging?
People like Lily.
The ones who open their heart and share love every day.

If you're one of them, thank you.
I could never thank you enough.

Aunie Sauce

p.s. Fitness Friday Readers: Post will be coming up on Saturday because on Friday I have a FULL schedule and I don't want Fitness Friday to be a scheduled post. Thanks for understanding:)


Elisha said...

How sweet of you Lily!!

anika♥Lee said...

Hi!!! New follower here!!! Found your blog via Aunie - she is so sweet, isn't she??? You sound just as sweet. Look forward to reading more.

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