Monday, August 27, 2012

Messy Stories

It's Monday! This post has been scheduled to publish at 8:55 am. The time that I start school. So you'll probably be reading this while I'm sitting in some class;) I have for you a guest post by a super lovely gal, Annie. She's going to introduce herself to you then tell you a little story. Please show her some love and leave a little comment on her blog:)  

Hello friends! My name is Annie, and I blog over at What She Saw. I chose that title because I'm always seeing bits of a lost paradise, and I want to work diligently for its reclaiming until Christ comes and establishes it for good.
In the meantime, my friend L and I went on a little adventure, and what we saw was considerably less exciting than the kingdom come.
This was what we saw:
I know what you're thinking.
Or maybe I don't. Are you thinking, "A LANDFILL?"
(You should be.)
Welcome to Michigan, my friends. WELCOME TO MICHIGAN. We specialize in being surrounded Great Lakes, looking like a mitten, and storing Michigananian and Canadian trash. We usually omit the last part.
We waited in line behind and in front of waste trucks, drove across the largest scale I have ever seen, and drove to the civilian area to empty out the junk in the back of the truck L was driving.
The debris may or may not have included a container (previously) infested with cockroaches and still inhabited at the time of its disposal by one of the outrageously disgusting creatures, a toilet, a shattered mirror and a myriad of other, shall we say, interesting items.
We followed that hot mess up with a visit to the bookstore and grocery shopping.
Thankfully, not every adventure can end in dirt.

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L said...

HAHAHA this was an epic adventure =) =)
LOVE the post!!
Much Love!

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