Sunday, August 19, 2012

I almost forgot!

That is, how much I like fall.

I just bought this shirt yesterday at JCPenney for $3!
It's perfect because it mixes two of my favorite summer colors and one of my favorite colors for fall:)

I'm just now starting to wear pants again. I haven't worn jeans since May-_- I wore them for the first time Summer on Thursday. It felt nice:) I also had a hot chocolate yesterday...
But that's because I'm 
insanely awesome. 

I'm looking forward to fall.
Fall colors.
Less leg shaving...ladies you feel me.
That beautiful breeze.
My CD release.

What are you looking forward to this fall?



Katie said...

I am looking forward to fall too!! I LOVE fall clothes like scarves, boots and blazers!! what a cute outfit! and what a great deal on that shirt!

{abi} said...

oooh, definitely looking forward to fall clothes(:

and oh my, that shirt's adorable, especially for only $3!!

xx, Abi

Elisha said...

You look sooo cute!!


Jessica Jane said...

Fall fashion is my favorite! Email me if you still want to work together on a guest post!

Chloe Jacqueline said...

Loving your outfit! $3 that is a steal girl! You are pretty awesome hot chocolate and all! You have a CD coming out!? So amazing!

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