Thursday, August 23, 2012

Howdy' There Pardner

Yeah.... That's me trying to be "country".
Because even though I live in the country (and I've lived here since I was like 2),
even though most of my friends go to hoedowns,
even though I live in the south,
This was my first hoedown. ever.
 Annnnnddddd I don't have a country accent.
I'm pretty much a big city girl.
without the city...

haha you seeeee!!!

Anyways the hoedown was to benefit this pretty girl:) 

She was diagnosed with cancer. We wanted her to know
that we support her and LOVE her a billion.

^ This is my crew ^

And this is my bestest friend. 

I love her:)

And if you read this whole post, I love you too! :)



TheTinyHeart said...

You look adorable in your country outfit! And what a great cause to support! I just bought my first pair of cowboy boots the other day even though I don't live in the South and I'm a total city girl too :) I'm a new follower!

The Tiny Heart
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his little lady said...

you are just too cute, girl! and hoedowns always sound like so much fun! wishing i lived in the south right about now ;)
xo TJ

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