Friday, August 24, 2012

Fitness Friday // On My Heart

Rule: You must listen to this song while  reading the post

Today I am frustrated.
I can't run because my knees aren't cooperating this week.
I run to vent out all of my frustration and anger and thoughts.
I run because it feels like that's where I'm meant to be.
I run because I love it.
I run because I enjoy sprinting.
Even though I run for like 10 minutes
I still love it.
I want it.
But right now, I can't have it.

Two days ago at the gym
I was having a really tough moment. 
Well tough day.
I was angry because I couldn't run,
upset because I had to start school (there's more to it than that),
and dumb things were just running through my head.
So I cried. 
and I sat alone in a chair waiting for my dad to finish.
My trainers walk to leave the gym.
At this point I'm just sitting there staring at the front counter.
And he says to me, "Let's pray."
and as he began to pray
I began to cry.
And when that prayer was over,
he gave me the hug that I needed.
And I thank God for Mr.Tony in my life.
He is truly an inspiration 
to me and those around him.

So basically where I'm going with this is, 
don't leave it inside.
It's ok  to cry.
If you leave it bottled up,
you could just cry a fountain at any moment.
like me-_-
and it's not cool.
You could have a serious anxiety attack.
Don't over think
be free
learn to laugh
and learn to love.

I'm still on my journey .
I believe we are all always learning.

And now that I'm done writing what's in my head, I feel much better:)

Love you guys!

P.S. If you  click the video it will take you to the original video on youtube.
You'll find a free download for it:) Enjoy.


Annelise @ Aunie Sauce said...

loooove. first of all, fitness friday. second, new layout. love love love. and yes... it's ok to cry! we are there with ya! thanks for linking up for Just Because Friday today!

Katie said...

what a good lesson to learn! it is definitely okay to cry and be disappointed about things! and even better to let it out and give it to God! Hope you're feeling good today Lily!

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