Sunday, August 12, 2012

16 things to do before I turn 16

1. Be 125 pounds

2. Run a 5k

3. Pull one of these pranks X-)

4. Crayon Art on a canvas!

5. Do a full set of water marbled nails

6. Make my own alphabet book

7. Drop a water balloon off a high building

8. Put blue gatorade in a windex bottle and go around drinking it

9. Put pudding in a mayonnaise jar and go around eating it;)

10. Go to a restaurant and talk in a british accent. The whole time

11. Walk with a cardboard car through a drive through

12. Release first CD

13. Drive for more than 15 minutes at a time!

14. Wake up reaaaallly early and see the sunrise

15. Have my little sister choreograph a hip-hop dance for me to perform in front of my family :)

16. Make a short silent film :)

And that's what I wanna do:) How about you?

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