Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's a big deal to me

We go through life taking these tiny steps and then stepping out and taking even bigger steps.

Sometimes we go through things that we don't need to go through.

Because of a choice.

Then you have to make another choice to make it better and not be bitter.

And today I was reminded of that by my sweet friend Aunie.

And sometimes we have to go through life. just living. and that's extremely awful.

 But then, you make a choice:)

And it completely and radically changes you! And it allows you to do things.... 

like this: 

And this ^ is a really big deal to me. 

I made it one of my "Must be able to do by end of summer" goals:) And I accomplished it.
And I feel so good. Eventually I'll be able to do even cooler moves that are better than this! But, hey, it's a start and I ain't complain' ;)

Happy Thursday!

1 comment:

Jessica Jane said...

You look SO GREAT in it! I'm really glad your enjoying it this summer and your pictures are beautiful!

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