Monday, July 16, 2012

How to plan a partaaaay

Well hey there! So I'm trying to plan a small party, but I want it to be fun. I had a hard time with this and I'm sure plenty of others to do. So here are my tips on quick & easy party ideas! (please share:)

#1 Never too old for a theme

#2 It's ok to ask guests to bring something or to dress up for the theme... etc

(I personally always bring the fun;)

#3 Use my pinterest board!!

#4 ALWAYS HAVE A CAMERA!!! Most people love posing:) (not) But it really gets
everyone in the partaaaay mood.

#5 Have ice breakers. Just get a bowl or container and on individual slips of paper write "would you rather" questions, silly questions, commands, etc.

#6 You gotta have MUSIC

I recommend Lily Garay Muzik. I hear it's gonna be the next big thing;) 

And so there you have it folks:) Good old Partaaaaaaaay tips. And just so we're clear, if you are just gonna have a party then ignore these tips:)


Chloe Jacqueline said...

Great tips! I hope that your party is super fun! I personally love themed parties! =)

Sarah @ Simply Sarah Style said...

I agree! You are never to old for a theme. Thanks for the great party planning tips!

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