Friday, July 20, 2012

Fitness Friday

This has been my 4th week working out.

(From my sleepover... yikes)

I had a pretty junky day on Sunday, Tuesday Evening, Wednesday Morning (I had a sleepover:/)

Good reports now! I've lost 2 inches from my hips and 1 inch from my waist in these 4 weeks. Say what say what?????????????

That means that my hips are now at 36 inches and my waist at 31 inches.
And if feels so good!

I have this thing, too, where I stare at my neck. 

and my legs.

and hips, and waist, and everything. I just can't believe my total body transformation!

^And one day soon I will be able to do this ^

Workout Schedule...

Sunday: In the evenin' I ran a 10:50 mile. Which was pretty good. For me. Considering I have shortish legs and all. 

Monday: I had a chill work out... just some running, rowing, and arm exercises. I really wasn't in the mood, but I went to the gym anyways. 

Tuesday: I had a sleepover that night, but I did walk throughout an outdoor shopping center holding the bags with stuff I bought for that night...and make-up... 

Wednesday: I worked out! A good hard workout from my lower back to my feet. Woop woop!

Thursday: No workout. Just packing for a trip to Miami:) (which I will be bloggin' bout)

Friday: Workout today. Feels good. Now I'm off to a friends house so we can get ready for MIAMI!!! WOOOOO

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