Wednesday, July 11, 2012

First Ever

Food diary. egh. But I just had to share what was on my heart. 

Mood: Frustrated
Today, I feel... Frustrated. I want to be able to eat whatever I want. I don't want to worry about sugar or fruit or grains or whole wheat or white flour or blah blah blah blah blah..... But I know that counting my calories, eating good foods like fruits and whole grains, and taking out my yolk are all good for me.

In the morning I get really nauseous. I don't know why. That makes it really hard to drink water or eat a balanced meal.

I have to just trust my trainers and keep working out, trying to eat 6 little meals instead of 3, and eating good foods.

This is my 3rd week and I am just going through some withdrawal, but I don't want to withdraw. So let's just cheer with a bottle of water (which I've already downed this morning)!

Lily Garay

edit: I just found this quote while browsing on twitter: A winner never stops trying. -Tom Landry

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Thanks for putting up with me:)

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