Friday, June 29, 2012

Updates updates updates

Hi there! In case you haven't noticed, I haven't really been into my posts. They are vague and short and pitiful. I am sorry. I've had the busiest, craziest summer! The best I must say.  I have like a million updates along with some pictures I'll probably regret....... Hope you don't mind:)

I am working out now. You've probably seen my posts on losing weight and all that stuff. Right? Well once I lost 30 pounds I had it figured out in my head that it was Ok to eat junk now. To treat my body any old way. To run a mile as hard as I could and then have a chocolate milkshake afterwards. I want it to be real and beautiful. The weight loss, my health, and my future. I've decided to start taking care of myself again. For real. So I'll be posting Weight/Health updates on Fridays. One of those Friday's might even include my full weight loss journey/story/problems (and pictures of course!). I only do this to encourage you! ( Today's weight loss post will be posted tomorrow. Just so you know:) 

I'm legally able to drive with an adult of 21 years or older that has their license. I mean, who wouldn't want me ^^^^^ to drive on their roads? psh.

New CD updates will be coming out in July. Sneak previews of songs, lyrics, pictures and a bunch of other fun stuff! I am so excited :D

And now I'm done because if I don't stop I might just post a million more embarrassing photos of myself.....

Oh and uh... Hello to my new followers:)

Happy Weekend, Friends!

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