Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday Tip!! // How to save your cheap "silver"

I know how you feel. You buy that SUPER CUTE ring. But you bought it for a dollar at some store right?

ring ring ring ring

It looks totally Chic and Expensive... Unfortunately you know it's going to turn green or copper. It's sooo annoying! I have the solution:)

It's as easy as 1&2&3
1. paint ring with CLEAR nail polish

2. Let Dry

3. WEAR!!

You might want to do this like every once in a while... But all of my rings stay beautiful and clear. Plus they are really shiny and no one can tell the difference of my .50cent Thrift Store ring with the $10 Target one;)

1 comment:

andrea brionne said...

my mom taught me this trick and it totally works! love it! :)

andrea brionne @thedailyeverythings.blogspot.com

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