Saturday, June 16, 2012


Go ahead and laugh.
Make fun.
Tell me that it isn't going to happen.
Yes, I'm talking about abstinence until marriage.
Did you know that it is really hard to keep that promise?
And every time that you tell someone they can't
they start believing it.
Words have so much power.
It's unbelievable.
But I choose abstinence. 
I don't want my heart broken repeatedly.
I don't want to sate around to try and find the "right one". 
I want to save myself for my future husband.
And that's that. 


Katie said...

AMEN!! It can definitely happen and is so worth the wait!

Elle said...

I always want to ask heaps of questions when I find that people are abstinent. But I am always afraid I will offend. My gut reaction is WHAAAA? Lady, you crazy, and I seriously don't regret my past but when I really think about it, now that I have the love of my life, it would be kind of neat if he was my only one. I say good on you girl. I sincerely hope it is worth the wait and will be everything you dreamed of and more :) Love Elle xo

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