Saturday, May 5, 2012

Swapper Love // Random Feauture

Ello' chaps. Have you heard of swapping blog ads? It's when you give your blog "ad" to put on someone's blog and you put their ad on your blog. It's awesome because it's free! 
So I bid you to
with meeee:)

Just shoot me an email: mslilygaray {at}


A few times a month I'll be picking some of my swappers to be feautured.

Today we have....


the nickname addie has been around almost from the time I came around. I think my Granddad may have started it, but no one really remembers. But you won't hear them call me that regularly. It's more of a joke that stuck. And Randomness from the Addie Corner sounds a lot better than Randomness from the Adelyn Corner, don't you think?

i love life and i try my best to love every moment of it. i'm learning how to relish every laugh. cherish every heartbreak. i'm living life with laughter. not perfectly, but i'm living. the most important thing in my life is my growing relationship with Christ, followed by my love for my family and chocolate. i adore coffee ice cream. relish shopping trips with my sisters. love my camera. and live on hysterical moments. bright nail polish. friends. art. writing. music. popcorn. the color yellow. antique treasures. pocket watches. the smell of fresh cut grass. peaches. laughter.

random, spontaneous ramblings of my life.

feel free to email me at

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Elle said...

This is such a good idea. I have been toying with doing this for a little while now. I need to get making a button! :) Love Elle xo

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