Friday, May 25, 2012

I am free...!

I've discovered something... Running. It's AMAZING! I feel so free when I run. I think about nothing or everything while I'm running. I don't do drugs. I run. It's great.

How about you? 
What helps YOU relieve stress?
Feel better?
To feel free?

Happy Friday:)


Anonymous said...

I hate to comment, but for your post i am going to give it a try. You have gained a loyal reader my friend

Samantha said...

To relieve stress, I like to take my dog on a walk or meet up with a friend and have a cup of coffee and catch up :) it's soothing to even think about.
I love running as well! or, jogging, at least ;) I love to zone out on some good tunes while doing so.

xo, Samantha

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