Thursday, April 5, 2012

That Thing You do // link up

This week over at Aunie Sauce it's Compassion Week!!! Today's Thursday 13 is "13 things that I love that people do". So in a way this is a thankful post. Just differently:)

I love it when...

1. someone genuinely asks if you are OK.2. older couples still help each other out of the car.
3. children do what they are told!! haha
4. neighbors come over and ask for eggs, sugar, or a ride
5. someone retweets me:D
6. someone writes me a letter
7. someone just gives random gifts or letters just for fun. I love seeing those pop up.
8. people give compliments. It's like they know you are having a bad day!
9. comment<3 
10. a friend offers a doing my hair:D
11. people buy the groceries for someone behind/in front of them.
12. when someone makes breakfast/lunch for someone else
13. when people say I Love You. and mean it. 

1 comment:

Katie said...

these are such good things! LOVE someone really asking if you are ok and free haircut? yes! and getting a letter in the mail just because - such a good feeling!! have a great weekend lily!

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