Thursday, April 5, 2012

....For Lauren and Lauren

Do you know who Katie is? If you don't, you should. I've given her the Smile Award.

Here is the post that got her this award:

shirt and belt: Old Navy  (read about shirt here)  pants: ?  shoes: dsw

The other day I was coaching for my girls on the run team and some of the junior high track team was also outside.  As I was running around the track, one of the boys jumped in front and me and kept moving back and forth, zig zagging so I couldn't run past him.  Apparently he thought this was some form of flirty.  And apparently he didn't realize I was a teacher.  Due to the fact that it was the Monday after spring break, and I had already had a pretty crappy day, my only response was, 

"Seriously? Stop it." 

I mean, he needs to learn rejection at some point, right? 

And clearly I need to learn how to not look like a 14 year old. 


Isn't she adorbs?

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Katie said...

You are so sweet Lily! Thank you! Happy almost Friday!!

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