Friday, March 2, 2012

Yes I am proud!

You know that game....knockout..... It's a basketball game. In case you didn't know: I'm 5'2. and guess what? After many days of attempting to beat the girls in my p.e. class.... I WON a game of knockout!! Of course I got used to not making it into the basket, but I figured "Hey. Let me not give up and try to win this thing." Of course the game that I won happened to be one of the last games for our p.e. unit because we just finished up the Basketball course. I am so very very very excited!! I literally jumped up and was so excited.

Cuz' you know. Usually I'm all like

And I was so excited!!! I'm pretty sure the girls playing with me were all like

"Why is she jumping all excited...It's just a game?"

Well because when I played basketball for *erm* one semester, I passed the ball to the other team. More than once. And then one of my teammates left a very rude comment on my website saying that I was no good at basketball. 

Well....I just won!!! It's the principle of the thing as I like to say.

Of course I have a family who is proud..... and usually makes fun of me for passing the ball to the other team
Well they do! I ♥ my parents. They are proud no matter what.

Oh. Did I mention I got a 92 in Math?


Emilie M. said...

Yay, Lily! I'm kinda that way too so don't feel bad...:) hehe! Congratulations on your math test :)

-Emilie M.

Molly said...

Hey Lily,
I'm glad you're enjoying public school and doing so awesome and probably blowing away all those public schoolers with your high grades and fun attitude! hahaha :)
Keep us updated! I love reading your blog <3

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