Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Outfit

Dear Sunday, 
You are always such a long day. Sometimes I really don't mind. Like today. I actually had fun!
It all started when it was rainy and I decided to wear RED....and flower print. Nothing makes a rainy day better. Then of course, I got to go to church. Church is the main part of the day. OF COURSE!
After church we had that baby shower. That was fun! I love babies:) Then dad had that Elder's meeting after that..... So we all hung out at Yamil's Barber shop. SO fun!
It's the coolest place ever. Plus us youth get to chill..... Well after the meeting dad had to get his hair cut by Yamil....He always does such a good job! Then we came home and got home at 6:30.

But today was a good day. 



Katie said...

yeah for your red pants! you look beautiful!!

Elisha(: said...

Love love it!!!

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