Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday Tip

be you
It's Thinky Tuesday.... Ok not really... 

It's actually.......drum roll: Tuesday's Tips/Tutorials!!

5 Tips to surviving being a transfer home school student who got into public school like 3 1/2 months before school lets out for the summer.

1. Don't be afraid to use your school map!

2. Don't be afraid to ask for directions if you've walked up and
 down the same hallway 3 times and still can't find your class.

3. DON'T let kids copy your homework even if they beg and tell you it's the only time they are going to copy it - because that is not true...

4. Do your homework the same night you get it that way it's done by the next time you need it....Also do your homework Friday night or Saturday morning if you can. It saves so much time.

5. Take your shower the night before, pick out your outfit the night before, pack your snacks the night before. That way int he morning all you have to do is make your sand-which or whatevs you eat and only take like 30 minutes to apply make-up, do your hair, brush teeth/wash face. 

Oh. Am I the only one that takes that long?

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Jennifer M. said...

These are some great tips! I went back to college this year after being out for about 10 years, so I'm totally understanding the culture shock that suddenly being in a formal school setting can bring!! I really should try taking my shower the night before - and probably packing my bag and everything the night before too - because I am NOT a morning person!! I'm always hitting snooze a million times and then stumbling around at the last minute trying to get ready. Not a very great way to start my morning! Lol.

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