Friday, February 24, 2012

The Red Hair Experiment + D.C. Cupcakes

*Hrm* yeah. Maybe you saw my D.C. pictures?  Yeah if not, they explain. But I'll show you some here anyways.

So my friend Lina died my hair red on the top. The night before we went to D.C. cupcakes!! (this was last Sunday night) Oh. My. Gosh.
Sunday afternoon(before dyeing) 

 and the next day:

I will never. ever. ever. do that again. If I do, it's gonna be full blast red. all over.

Oh, before I tell you my solution, here are my D.C. Cupcake Adventure pics:

haha don't judge my hair ok?

I fixed it the next night with my mommy:) We died it brown, but since I had bright red..... it turned Auburn.
So all in all I'm happy. Just don't ever dye your hair unless you know what you are absolutely doing.

:D haha. Have a good weekend everyone!


Katie said...

Oh my gosh you went to D.C. Cupcakes!? I'm jealous :) How were they? Amazing?


Jennifer M. said...

Ooh yum! I've never been to a cupcake shop. ;)

Katie said...

those cupcakes look awesome! and what a lot of people waiting outside too! hope you have a good weekend!

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