Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nail Tutorial

Today I'll be showing you a couple of really cool nail designs and some of my favorite nail polishes.
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Step 1: Get your supplies ready. Grab anything and everything you can find.
I even got egg shells....
My supply list:
 Glue Gun, glue sticks for the glue gun
2 plastic bowls
Nail polish
Tape{Did not use, but it's great for straight lines/french tip}
egg shells
circle gems
qutips {?}
tooth pick
and ANYTHING else you want
*note: Be sure to place everything on a surface that can get stained.

Get nail polishes ready.
I picked a pink/gold/pearl color scheme.
 I used every nail polish you see below.

Step 3: Paint your base coat and base color
I used pearl on all fingers except for the accent nail on which I used a light pink

Step 4: Prepare your dots for use while your nails dry.
How to: place your glue gun down sideways and squeeze it out... allow to fall into a circle before continuing to next circle.
Once dry peel off and place in bowl (make sure to take off the paper from bottom of dot)
You can choose to paint them now or once they are on your nail.

*note: put extended wear top coat on EACH nail!!

  This is the middle finger on my left hand.
The base is pearly white, the heart is made out of construction paper
(I didn't allow the base to finish drying before placing the heart on top)
I let my nails finish drying, painted the pink in the space above the
heart and then I let it all dry. of course - clear top coat!

Base is the pearly white. I took my neon pink art brush and painted a sort of cross.
(before painting the designs I painted one of my dots)
Since my cross was still wet I placed the dot right on top:)
If it's wet you can always paint some clear nail polish in the spot you want to put the dot.

I put some of the blue in one of my bowls and took the end of a straw 
and dipped it in the paint and then I put it on top of the dry base.
The key to making circles is to swivel in place.
I took some clear polish and put it underneath of the gold circle.
then I placed it on my nail.

This one was fun.
I placed pink and orange in my palette bowl and then took string
and went across my finger nail with it.
I sort of has a splattered look. Very chic and totally in this spring!

Color I used for string nail ;)

The trick to all these nails is...wait for it.....to be creative in your own way. 
And remember, un-matching is the new matching.


P.S. Be sure to come back next week. Here's a hint of what you are gonna look forward to for next Tuesday: Dry Shampoo

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