Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time + Guest Post

Well this week I have spoiled you with two guest posts! One on Tuesday and one today:)
You all probably know that I follow  stalk Aunie's Blogs....all 4 of them. One's about HairLife, Nails, and Trichotillomania   - got you on that last one, didn't I? 

Any text you see in pink below is me talking. Let's get this started.

I'm Aunie.

isn't she so pretty?

 I blog at Aunie Sauce. You may assume that since I'm Aunie and blog at Aunie Sauce, that I may be a tad bit saucy. You would be correct. I write saucy poemssaucy posts, and I post about my saucy and sassy little bearded dragon from time to time. Come on over and check out my saucy-ness, why don'tcha?

Did you find that interesting? I did!!!
Ok ok ok.... SINCE Aunie blogs, she has a series called: Thursday 13 <---- click for more info. 
She'll be sharing:
13 favorite things about being a girl

1. MAKEUP! I'm a makeup junkie. I even blog about it!

2.NAIL POLISH! Ha! I blog about that, too!!!

3.Getting to make excuses. You know... about "that time of the month" or "because I'm a girl!"

4.Not having to do the rough-and-tough stuff... (even though some girls do... not me!)

5.Chick flicks.

6.Shopping rehab. I know some guys have that, too... but it's so much better when you're a girl.

7.Women-only gyms! I've never been to one but I think the idea is great!



10.Getting my toesies did. 

11.Getting treated to things like dinner dates. Half of the time, I end up paying, too... but I love being treated to things!
12.Having not as much body hair as men... gross!

13.Emotions! Girls are usually more emotional than guys (right?), and sometimes it's good to just get a good cry in and not have anyone think it's weird. 

Go Go Go visit her! It's worth your time, I promise:)
Have a lovely Thursday.
OH and the title has nothing to do with the post... hahaha

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