Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday

But I'm back and ready for action:)
Some of you may know Aunie from
and here Thursday 13 gig;)

I'll  be posting 13 Simple things that I am Thankful For:)

1. Snail Mail - Especially when the envelope is blue and has a penguin next to the sender's name;)
2. The internet
3. My God and Saviour. 
4. Choclate Milkshakes
5. Friends
6. Family
7. Church
8. Love
9. Calendars
10. My own room
11. My seester:)
12. Our chickens which lay eggs daily.... I take it for granted sometimes most of the time
13. My Life

Link Up every Thursday:)


Diane said...

Love your list and I just wrote a post about one of our chickens... :O(

Hugs :O)

Molly said...

thanks for doing these, Lily, it reminds me to be thankful too! <3

melanie said...

thanks for the sweet reminder to be thankful :)

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